Ankündigung Vortrag - Prof. Dr. Peter Rieker - XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, 15.-21.07.2018

Social Participation in the Context of Peers

According to our data, the integration into peer contexts is highly important, since youths are able to experience more distinct creative spaces and more instances of self- and co-determination here than in relations with adults. In the planned contribution, different forms of integration in peer contexts are presented in their specific arrangements. Within the framework of detailed analysis, different qualities of participation within peer relations can be reconstructed as well as their relevance for social integration within other contexts.


Ankündigung Vortrag - Prof. Dr. Lena Inowlocki & Dr. Anna Schnitzer - XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, 19.07.2018

Session in the RC 38 “Biography and Society”: Language Realms and Desires – Biographies, Multilinguality and Power in Society

Due to global migration and its regulation through policies in societies, questions of language empowerment and language legitimacy have become increasingly important. While more and more people are socialized as multilingual speakers, nation states and especially their educational systems remain mostly monolingually organized. Therefore multiple processes of exclusion as well as of attempts at integration and belonging result from speaking languages “of others” and “of one’s own”. By conceptualizing language as a social practice, we would like to explore situations and interactions of biographical relevance. The focus will be on questions such as: In which ways does multilinguality or learning to speak the new language as a migrant present speakers with processes of exclusion? Does the new language possibly also represent what speakers desire, or who they desire to become? How do speakers reflect “their own” and “others’” languages biographically? How can we reconstruct the power relations they experienced in their language biographies?

With contibutions of Edmond EKollo, Janina Gläser, Abdoulaye Ngom and Elise Pape, Minna Ruokonen-Engler, Nadja Thoma, Vanessa Rau, Youssef Abid as well as Catherine Delcroix and Dieudonné Kobanda


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