Nomination for Best Poster Award

We congratulate and are very happy that  Carmen Hirt was nominated for the Best Poster Award at the EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction 2017 in Tampere, Finland.

Poster: Help-seeking types in different stages of writing a Matura-thesis (PDF, 772 KB)

Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence

Katharina Maag Merki's research paper 'Conducting intervention studies on school improvement: An analysis of possibilities and constraints based on an intervention study of teacher cooperation' has been awarded as Highly Commended by the 2015 Emerald Literati Network Paper Awards for Excellence.
Free download of the article from Emerald Insight.

New Special Interest Group (SIG 23)

We are pleased to announce a new Special Interest Group on Educational Evaluation, Accountability and School Improvement of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

This SIG brings together an array of theoretical and empirical research into external and internal evaluation and accountability of schools and teachers and their impact on teaching, learning and achievement of the students. We are interested in addressing questions on:

  • theoretical modelling the relationship between educational evaluation, accountability and school improvement
  • the design of external evaluation and accountability systems of schools and teachers (e.g. concerning reliability and validity), their relation to internal evaluation systems and the impact of such systems on equal opportunities in education, school improvement, teaching and learning in the classroom and achievement of the students
  • empirical methods to study these questions

Full presentation SIG 23

We hope to welcome you at our invited symposium and first meeting at the EARLI conference in Munich.

We also welcome JURE members who are interested in becoming an assistant coordinator to our new SIG. Please send an e-mail to dr. M. Ehren and Prof. K. Maag Merki if you are interested in this role.

dr. M. Ehren
Institute of Education, UK

Prof. dr. K. Maag Merki
University of Zurich, Switzerland