Teaching and Educational Technology

Prof. Dr. Dominik Petko

Our research seeks to elaborate theories and refine models of effective teaching. We provide frameworks that support teachers in planning, teaching, evaluating and improving their lessons, especially in upper secondary schools. With the aim of advancing both educational science and teaching practice, we apply empirical research methods in order to devise and evaluate promising approaches.

With regard to educational technology, we design, implement and test innovative pedagogical and technological tools. By facilitating the use of digital technologies in the classroom, we seek to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning and to promote engagement. Furthermore, we pursue the question of how to empower learners to use these technologies in self-directed, competent and responsible ways.


In particular, our research focuses on the following topics:
Teaching methods and teachers’ beliefs;
Personalized teaching and learning methods;
Integration of educational technology in schools;
Information literacy and media literacy education;
Technology in teacher education: mobile note taking and reflective writing;
Serious games and gamified learning.

Recent Publications

  • Petko, D., Schmid, R., Müller, L., & Hielscher, M. (2019). Metapholio: A Mobile App for Supporting Collaborative Note Taking and Reflection in Teacher Education. Technology, Knowledge and Learning. doi:10.1007/s10758-019-09398-6

  • Christensen, R., Eichhorn, K., Prestridge, S., Petko, D., Baker, R., Slighte, H. Allayar, G., & Knezek, G. (2018). Preparing Learning Leaders for the Integration of Technology for Effective Instruction. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 23, 457-472. doi: 10.1007/s10758-018-9385-9

  • Imlig-Iten, N., & Petko, D. (2018). Comparing serious games and educational simulations: Effects on enjoyment, deep-thinking, interest and cognitive learning gains. Simulation & Gaming, 49(4), 401-422. doi: 10.1177/1046878118779088

  • Petko, D., Prasse, D., & Cantieni, A. (2018). The interplay of school readiness and teacher readiness for educational technology integration:  A structural equation model. Computers in the Schools, 35, 1-18. doi: 10.1080/07380569.2018.1428007

  • Petko, D., Egger, N., & Cantieni, A. (2017). Weblogs in Teacher Education Internships: Promoting Reflection and Self-Efficacy while Reducing Stress? Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 33(3), 103-113. doi: 10.1080/21532974.2017.1280434