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Institute of Education

Historical Research in Education and Governance of the Education System



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The Historical Research in Education chair at the Institute of Education focuses primarily on development dynamics and resistance to change of educational institutions at all education levels and on changes in growing up (childhood, adolescence, family) mainly in the second half of the 20th century but also considering longer-term change processes (the entire 19th and 20th centuries).

In the area of governance of the education system, the research focus is on education policy and education administration at all levels of the education system, with studies on both governance of the education system or parts of the system (education policy and implementation processes) and management in the system (school leadership, supervision of schools). In addition, special attention is paid to knowledge policy in the education system (curricula and teaching materials). The analyses center on educational institutions, specific areas of education, the main actors, and also on comparisons between cantons, regions, and nation states.

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