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Institute of Education

August 2014: Buchneuerscheinung "Education and the State. International perspectives on a changing relationship"

Hrsg. von Carla Aubry, Michael Geiss, Veronika Magyar-Haas und Jürgen Oelkers (2015). London: Routledge


Auszug aus dem Klappentext: Making international comparisons and focusing strongly on the historical conditions of the current form of state education, this volume paints a nuanced picture of how the relationship between ‘education’ and ‘state’ has been and is conceptualized. Insights into this relationship are gained by considering and analysing both specific processes such as financing and bureaucracy; and conceptual ideas, for example community, authority, and political utopias. The book presents comparative studies and analyses of regional and local conditions, arguing that the history of each country or region is critical to educational success, and the relationship between the education and the state must be reconsidered, both internationally and historically, in order to be of actual conceptual value.

Das Buch ist ab sofort erhältlich.