Early Childhood and Inclusion

For a long time, educational processes of early childhood had hardly been getting any attention. It is only since the beginning of the 21st century that the topic has become an object of interest in the scientific community. In the context of early childhood education, the idea of inclusion underscores the right to participate in high-quality education regardless of origin, socio-economic conditions or special learning needs. The implementation of inclusion as an educational measure in early childhood should therefore be aimed at reducing the risk of exclusion as well as assisting children throughout their self-educational processes by competency building, while explicitly promoting social learning.

Learning Together, Living Diversity. Media for Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Hedderich, MA Corinne Butschi, Laurentia Nussbaum, Melike Hocaoglu

Inclusion in Context of Cultural Diversity. An International Study in Institutions of Elementary Education (PDF, 96 KB)

Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Hedderich, lic. phil. Jeanne Reppin, Laurentia Nussbaum, Melike Hocaoglu