Inclusion and Migration

The issue of migration, cultural diversity and inclusion is of high relevance, particularly taking the current developments in Europe into account. Migration flows, however, have always been a part of human existence. The chair's research projects refer not only to the situation in Switzerland but follow an international perspective.


Cultural Diversity and Disability in German-Speaking Switzerland (PDF, 105 KB)

Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Hedderich, lic. phil. Katharina Lescow, MA Carla Canonica, MA Sereina von Burg, Minna Eckert

Inclusion in Context of Cultural Diversity. An International Study in Institutions of Elementary Education (PDF, 96 KB)

Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Hedderich, lic. phil. Jeanne Reppin, Laurentia Nussbaum, Melike Hocaoglu