Philipp Gonon

Philipp Gonon, Prof. em. Dr.

Professor für Berufsbildung / Professor of Vocational Education and Training

Phone: +41 44 634 28 81

Address: Kantonsschulstrasse 3, 8001 Zürich

Room number: KAB-E-02

Curriculum vitae

1974-1976 Study of Law and Journalism, University of Fribourg (Switzerland).
1976-1982 Study of Educational Science in Berlin und Zurich. Minor Subjects: Anthropology and Penal Law. MA-Thesis  in Social Pedagogy (Co-authorship with Andreas Müller) „Public Apprentice Schools as Part of the Swiss Vocational and Education Training System".
1982-1986 Empirical Studies about Technical Change and Professional Biographies. Learning Attitudes of Workers and the Relation of Instructors and Apprentices in the Metal Industry in Switzerland (University of Berne, Switzerland).
Part-time Teaching as a Vocational School Teacher.
1986-1992 Assistant at the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Berne. PhD-Thesis: Activity School and Qualification (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Oelkers. Published Monography: Peter Lang 1992).
1993 Visiting scholar at the Institute of Education, University of London.
1993-1997 Senior Lecturer and Habilitation in Educational Science: Published Book: The International Argument in Educational Research. The Role of International References in the Debates of Reforming Swiss VET and English Secondary II Level (Peter Lang, Berne 1998).
1998-2004 Substituting a Professor and since 1999 Full Professorship in Continuing Professional Education at the University of Trier (Germany).
Since 2004 Full Professorship in Vocational Education and Training at the University of Zurich.
Since 2016 Director of the Institute of the Institute of Education at the University of Zurich.

Key Research Aspects

  • International Comparative Educational Research with a Specific Focus on Vocational Education and Training and Continuing Education
  • Historical Research in Education
  • Quality and Evaluation