The colloquium of the chair is aimed at students and doctoral candidates who want to write an empirical final or qualification thesis in the field of Research on Learning, Instruction and Didactics.

It offers a forum for the discussion of your work projects, from the finding of a research question, to the research design, the concept and execution of your investigations up to the presentation of results.

In addition to the students and doctoral students who write their thesis at the chair, other students and other interested parties are also welcome. Registration is welcome. Normally the event takes place on Wednesdays between 4:15 pm and 6:00 pm in the room FRE-D-14.

Please note that we offer guest lectures by renowned researchers in cooperation with the Chair of Educational Science with focus on Theory and Empirical Research on Educational Processes in Schools by Prof. Dr. K. Maag Merki and the Chair of Special Education with focus on Inclusion and Instruction Research by Prof. Dr. E. Moser Opitz.