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Institute of Education State-Wide Exit Examination Study

Qualitative studies

A qualitative case analysis is also conducted each year only in Bremen involving several focus groups. With reference to a set of interview guidelines, the members of five focus groups discuss the introduction of the state-wide Abitur examinations with regard to seven important aspects. Those invited to take part in the group discussion are::

  1. school administrators from a selected Bremen school
  2. teachers with an additional function (e.g., spokesperson for their subject) at the same school
  3. teachers without an additional function at the same school
  4. members of teacher and headteachers associations
  5. members of parent and student associations

They discuss seven key aspects:
1) general assessment of the state-wide Abitur, 2) preparation for the state-wide Abitur, 3) effects on the individual, on teaching, and on the school, 4) choice of focal areas and examination questions, 5) grading/evaluation in the state-wide Abitur,
6) practical implementation and quality control, and 7) overall assessment of the state-wide Abitur.
The qualitative evaluation also compares the different argumentations of the groups involved.