Andrea Wullschleger

Andrea Wullschleger, Dr. phil.

Projektmitarbeiterin / Project Assistant

Phone: +41 44 634 30 50

Address: Freiestrasse 36, 8032 Zürich

Room number: FRE-G-16

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Research Focus

  • School improvement capacity
  • Collaboration in teaching teams
  • Quantitative social network analysis
  • Individual adaptive learning support
  • Playbased learning of mathematics in kindergarten
  • Video analysis

Curriculum Vitae



Doctoral program in Education Studies, University of Zurich


Master of Arts, University of Zurich

Major: Education Studies

Minor: Social Anthropology


Primary school teacher training, University of Teacher Education Sargans

Work experience


Scientific Exchange of three months, Northwestern University Chicago, School of Education and Policy and University of California, San Diego, Department of Education Studies

since 2018

Postdoctoral researcher (co–project leader) in project “School Improvement Capacity for Academic Learning” (SIC) at the chair of Theory and Empirical Research on Educational Processes in Schools (Prof. Dr. K. Maag Merki), Institute of Education, University of Zurich


Instructor of the lecture “Adaptive Play and Learning Support” (“Adaptive Spiel- und Lernbegleitung”) in early childhood education, University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PHLU)


Postdoctoral researcher on the project “We’re learning Math!” (WILMA) at the chair of Special Education with focus on Inclusion and Instruction Research (Prof. Dr. E. Moser Opitz), Institute of Education Studies, University of Zurich


Assistant at the chair of Pedagogical Psychology and Didactics (Prof. Dr. K. Reusser), Institute of Education Studies, University of Zurich


Instructor of Mathematical Didactics and co–project leader of “Competence-oriented planning – teaching – assessing” at the Pedagogical College St. Gallen, Rorschach


Doctoral researcher on the project “Play-based mathematical early intervention” (SpiMaF) at the chair of Pedagogical Psychology and Didactics (Prof. Dr. K. Reusser), Institute of Education Studies, University of Zurich


Research associate on the project “Lehrplan 21”, co-leading the field “Nature, Humanity, Society”, Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (Deutschschweizer Erziehungsdirektoren-Konferenz), Lucerne


Research associate without degree, Institute of Education Studies, University of Zurich


Teacher at the mathematics and science learning forum (promotion of talented pupils) at primary school, Rapperswil-Jona


Primary school teacher

Works cited

Wullschleger, A. (2017). Individuell-adaptive Lernunterstützung im Kindergarten. Eine Videoanalyse zur spielintegrierten Förderung von Mengen-Zahlen-Kompetenzen. Münster: Waxmann. Waxmann Verlag


Even kindergarten children have considerable mathematical knowledge; yet, the differences between individuals are very large. Several studies show that early mathematical competencies are an important basis for later mathematical learning at school.

The dissertation project accordingly addresses the question of how kindergarten teachers can effectively promote the development of quantity-number competences in heterogeneous learning groups. To answer this question, the individual-adaptive learning support of 28 kindergarten teachers was investigated by means of an integrated play-based support concept, which was developed and tested in the project “play-based early mathematical support” (SpiMaF). For this purpose, the learning support of the kindergarten teachers in regular playing situations was filmed and subsequently analyzed by means of a rating system.

The findings contribute to the further development of kindergarten didactics promoting early mathematical competencies, to video-based learning research, and to the training and continuing education of kindergarten teachers.

Publications and Conference Contributions