PhD Students

The Chair of Science and Sustainability Education conducts research in three teams on different focal points:

Team Teaching Science in Higher Education

Current PhD Theses

Karin Brown (extern)
Examining the Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) of University Teachers Through the Specific PCK of Revealing and Working with Student Prior Knowledge. 

Sara Petchey (intern)
Teaching Science at University

Team Nachhaltigkeit und Naturwissenschaften unterrichten

Current PhD Thesis

Sarah Eberz (intern)
Science Education for Social, Political and Economic Participation

Stefan Baumann (extern) 
Integration of ESD into Geography Education: Conception – Implementation – Evaluation – Transfer

Completed PhD Theses

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kosler (intern)

Education for Sustainable Development and Scientific Thinking in Primary and Elementary Education

Dr. Sofia Getzin (intern)

Education for Transformation – An Evidence-Based Analysis of Future-Relevant Competencies

Dr. Simon Etter (extern)

Motivations of Citizen Scientists, the Accuracy and the Potential of Crowd-Based Data for Hydrological Model Calibration

Team Alltagsvorstellungen und Conceptual Change in den Naturwissenschaften

Current PhD Theses

Teklit Amare Habteselassie (extern)
Educational Reconstruction of Geoengineering Practices

Hans-Peter Dreyer (extern)

From Substance to Light – General Education and Quantum Mechanics in Grammar Schools

Patrizia Naber (extern)

How Children See Hidden Water: Virtual Water in the Conceptions of Primary School Students

Sam Arkoful (extern)

Interactive and Inductive Teaching in Higher Chemistry Education

Bente Orth (extern)

Educational Reconstruction of Material Flows – An Evidence-Based Development of Learning Opportunities

Completed PhD Theses

Dr. Karin Huser (extern)

Landscape Changes and Landscape in the Perception of Student Teachers

Dr. Irene Lampert (intern)

Educational Reconstruction of the Anthropocene and the planetary Boundaries