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Conference Theme

Speech Bubbles

Learning discourse refers to social settings in which discourse partners successfully communicate (expert) knowledge or deliberate ideas or arguments dialogically in a respectful and co-constructive way. Such “productive” discourse can positively affect student learning (through classroom talk guided by teachers) and teacher learning (through collaborative planning and reflecting teaching in mentoring or coaching discourses). Learning to initiate and orchestrate learning discourse is thus essential for (prospective) teachers as well as teacher educators. The integration of findings from the diverse studies investigating learning discourse types also with respect to training programs and teachers' professional development (teaching productive talk) is challenging as these are often based on different theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches.

This conference aims to bring together experts on learning discourse and young researchers to jointly discuss the following topics:

  1. Differences and similarities in research on learning discourse focusing on student and teacher learning
  2. Complementary use of elements from different approaches to improve learning discourse (also in remote learning settings)
  3. Use of digital tools to support the development and the effective analysis of productive learning discourse

Productive talk in teacher and student learning

Productive Talk

The analysis and development of interactive discourses conducive for learning is of high interest to a variety of researchers and practitioners. Existing research lines on learning discourse with students in classroom talk and with (prospective) teachers in e.g., coaching sessions have so far been only loosely related. Productive talk in classrooms and effective conversations on teaching in teacher training and professional development programs for (prospective) teachers and mentors/coaches share similarities (e.g., similar talk moves for co-constructing knowledge). Such similarities, however, have not yet been addressed and integrated in systematic ways.

Productive talk in remote learning settings

Remote Discussion

It is not only since COVID-19 that teachers’ and students’ learning has increasingly taken place in remote settings. The digital possibilities are often both, a blessing and a curse. They afford flexibility in terms of time and space - but also entail constraints that can change the dynamics in conversations. The conference will also focus on the special challenges for productive talk in remote learning settings with various thematic keynotes and workshops.