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SeReNe – Self-Regulation Network

Self-regulated learning (SRL) has emerged as a crucial skill for academic success and lifelong learning. Educational advancements such as digitalization and inclusive education drive the increasing significance of equipping students with self-regulation skills. While these changes offer new opportunities for learning and teaching, they also present challenges for both learners and educators. With inclusive education and digitization necessitating more individualized learning environments, SRL has become a prominent aspect of educational innovations.
By bringing together researchers from different sub-disciplines, the network aims to facilitate research collaborations, advance the field of SRL within the context of educational innovations, and generate discussions on innovative research ideas.

Principal Investigator    
Prof. Dr. Charlotte Dignath, Technical University of Dortmund

Prof. Dr. Yves Karlen, Universität Zürich
Prof. Dr. Franziska Perels, Saarland University

Project duration

German Research Foundation (DFG)