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Institute of Education

Inclusion and Diversity

Our research at the Chair of Inclusion and Diversity is fundamental and interdisciplinary. It understands educational science analogously to its historic genesis in a broad sense as a discipline that is interested in educational and upbringing contexts as well as their institutional, structural, and social enabling conditions.

Special interest is placed on the category of disability – both in its current and in its historical dimension. Methodologically, we concentrate on education theory, history of knowledge, and normative accesses to research. Within the context of empirical research, our main research focus lies on the extracurricular area.

We ask how knowledge on normality, diversity, and disability originates in specific practices, discourses, and institutions and how this knowledge has changed over time. And we analyze what normative implications and consequences come from certain practices, discourse, and institutions and what epistemic relevance they develop.

Our concern is to contribute with our research to a deeper understanding of historical, theoretical, normative, and empirical knowledge of inclusion and diversity.