Studying at the University of Zurich and the Institute of Education

Educational Study at the University of Zurich is closely connected to Pädagogik, or education as an academic discipline at German-speaking universities. The Institute of Education offers a multitude of educational subdisciplines throughout its 13 chairs.

Please note that classes and examinations are generally held in German. Additional information on the BA and MA degree programs is available on institute webpages in German. One of the admission requirements of the University of Zurich is proof of German language proficiency of level C1 or higher in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Further information on applying for admission to the university is found on the university website at Application & Admission. For successful completion of studies at the Institute of Education, students are asked to improve German language proficiency to level C2.

Bachelor’s degree program

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Education program acquire a basic understanding of a broad range of different areas within education and develop their skills in scientific thinking and methods.

For information and advice on the BA program, see more.

Master’s degree program

Building on the Bachelor’s degree program, the Master of Arts in Education program qualifies graduates for occupations such as researcher in education, teacher at a university of applied sciences, or for qualified jobs in educational governance and administration and jobs at social and pedagogical institutions, or for enrolling in continuing education or in a PhD program.

On Master's level, students specialize in two of the following five concentrations:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Special Education
  • Theory and History of Education
  • Vocational, Economic and Business Education

For information and advice on the MA program, see more.


The PhD programs in Education and in Subject-Specific Teaching qualify graduates to teach and to conduct independent research in education and subject-specific teaching.

On the following pages you will find information on completing a PhD in Education or a PhD in Subject-Specific Education. Please note that most courses are offered in German only. More