Bachelor's Degree Programm

Bachelor of Arts in Education


At the University of Zurich, completing a Bachelor’s degree program in education takes at least 6 semesters, consisting of 120 ECTS points for major and 60 ECTS points for minor studies. This Bachelor’s degree program confers the degree ‘Bachelor of Arts in Education’ (BA).

Classes and examinations are generally held in German. Information on admission to the BA program, the course of study, and completion of the program is available on our website in German.

If you have any questions, please contact the BA guidance service.


Education as a social science aims to describe and explain processes of education, learning, and socialization in individuals and groups. Students in the Bachelor’s degree program in education acquire basic knowledge of education and develop their skills in scientific thinking and methods.

The BA program covers the fields of:

  • Educationsl Psychology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Special Education
  • Theory and History of Education
  • Vocational, Economic and Business Education