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The institute conducts basic and applied research on central scientific and social issues in formal, non-formal, and informal educational contexts such as school, family, the work environment, or youth work. This is done with historical, qualitative, quantitative, and theory-building approaches and with the support of public and private institutions: the Swiss National Science Foundation, foundations, companies, the Federal Government, cantons, and municipalities. The list of current publications provides an overview of the internal research.

Research at the Chairs

A large part of the research at the Institute of Education is organized in research groups at the individual chairs. The research that is conducted at the currently thirteen chairs at the institute covers a broad spectrum of educational science topics:

  • General Education Studies (Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach)
  • Historical Research in Education and Governance of the Education System (Prof. Dr. Lucien Criblez)
  • Extracurricular Education (Prof. Dr. Peter Rieker)
  • Educational Science with focus on Social Pedagogy (Prof. Dr. Catrin Heite)
  • Educational Science with focus on Theory and Empirical Research of Educational Processes in Schools (Prof. Dr. Katharina Maag Merki)
  • Research on Learning, Instruction and Didactics (Prof. Dr. Anna Praetorius)
  • Special Education with focus on Society, Participation, and Disability (Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Hedderich)
  • Special Education with focus on Inclusion and Instruction Research (Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Moser Opitz)
  • Upper-Secondary Education Studies and Research on Learning and Teaching (Dr. Fritz Staub)
  • Teaching and Educational Technology (Prof. Dr. Dominik Petko)
  • Science and Sustainability Education (Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert)
  • Vocational Education and Training (Prof. Dr. Philipp Gonon).

Research at the Research Unit "Education in Working Life"

Dr. Michael Geiss is working on another central topic at the research center “Education in Working Life.” The work environment is increasingly determined by dual employment and part-time work as well as job changes and atypical forms of employment. The research unit develops this topic area empirically and, at the same time, contributes to the discussion on the employment related importance of education and training in the future.

Research in Research Groups

Inter-chair research groups are currently being initiated to work on current and relevant educational science issues.

Research Supported by the Centre of Methods

The centre of methods is responsible for methodological training in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and advises employees of as well as doctoral students at the Institute of Education on researching methodological questions in the areas of quantitative methods (Urs Grob), on historical text-analytical questions (Rebekka Horlacher), and on qualitative procedures (Silke Werner).


Here you can find a list of current publications.