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Institute of Education

Upper Secondary Education with Special Focus on Research on Teaching and Learning

Empowering Teachers and Students for Lifelong Learning

The Chair of Upper Secondary Education and Research on Teaching and Learning is dedicated to the complex conditions and effects of teaching and learning processes in the school context.
The research focus areas of the chair include in particular the understanding of self-regulated learning processes, the development of diagnostic procedures for observing and promoting interdisciplinary learning progress, and the investigation of the mechanisms of mindsets and motivation on learning and teaching.
Our overarching goal is to support schools and educators in the further development of their teaching through close collaboration between academia and practice. This intends to strengthen educators and learners for lifelong learning in a digitised world. We conduct research for and with the practice.

Current Publications and Media Reports of the Chair

  • Karlen, Y., & Hertel, S. (2024). Inspiring self-regulated learning in everyday classrooms: teachers’ professional competences and promotion of self-regulated learning. Unterrichtswissenschaft.
  • Hertel, S., Reschke, K., & Karlen, Y. (2024). Are profiles of self-regulated learning and intelligence mindsets related to students’ self-regulated learning and achievement? Learning and Instruction, 90.
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  • Karlen, Y., Bäuerlein, K., & Brunner, S. (2023). Teachers’ assessment of self-regulated learning: Linking professional competences, assessment practices, and judgment accuracy. Social Psychology of Education.
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  • Hirt, C. N., Jud, J., Rosenthal, A., & Karlen, Y. (2022). How Motivated are Teachers to Promote Self-Regulated Learning? A Latent Profile Analysis in the Context of Expectancy-Value Theory. Frontline Learning Research, 10(2), 46-65.