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Teaching and Educational Technology

Prof. Dr. Dominik Petko

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Research on teaching deals with theories and models for effective teaching. It offers teachers a scientifically based knowledge of action and reflection for planning, carrying out, evaluating and improving their lessons. With its interdisciplinary approach, it contributes to understanding across subject boundaries. It has many disciplinary references, from educational theory to empirical teaching and learning research. It cooperates with the fields of subject specific methodologies and teaching methods for school subjects in order to develop teaching holistically.

Educational Technology develops guidelines for the deliberate use of tools in teaching and learning contexts. This includes the development and selection of technology for teaching and learning, the planning of technology-supported teaching units as well as their implementation and empirical testing. A special focus is on digital teaching and learning technologies. Ideally, the use of such technology should make teaching more vivid, activating, motivating and ultimately more effective. Furthermore, learners should be enabled to use these technologies in a self-determined, competent and responsible manner.

Research topics

In particular, our research focuses on the following topics:
Teaching methods and teachers’ beliefs;
Personalized teaching and learning methods;
Integration of educational technology in schools;
Information literacy and media literacy education;
Technology in teacher education: mobile note taking and reflective writing;
Serious games and gamified learning.

Recent publications

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