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Institute of Education

Research Methods in Developmental and Educational Sciences

The research of this work group is situated at the intersection between educational and developmental science and focusses on research technology, quantitative methodology, and mathematical modelling. It addresses conceptual and methodological challenges related to the measurement of intraindividual change and interindividual differences in this change.

More specifically, we are involved in the R&D of digital tools for the measurement of learning or developmental processes and the advancement of the corresponding mathematical models. Currently, we focus on developing models for intensive longitudinal data and the respective statistical software. Data that we use comes from either longitudinal large-scale assessments or from computer-based formative feedback systems. They are collected in close collaboration with the Institute for Educational Evaluation (German only) in Zurich. Usually, tens of thousand data points are involved.


Unterseiten von Research Methods in Developmental and Educational Sciences (Prof. Tomasik)