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Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft

English Lectures

Education and Music: An Old Couple (PDF, 138 KB)

The European Crisis and Education for Democracy (PDF, 166 KB)

The Future of the Public in Public Education (PDF, 158 KB)

German 'Bildung' and the Education of Teachers (PDF, 217 KB)

Philosophy of Education and the Growing Impact of Empirical Research (PDF, 199 KB)

The Concept of Child before Progressive Education (PDF, 269 KB)

Korczak's Memoirs: An Educational Interpretation (PDF, 162 KB)

The German Concept of "Bildung" then and now - Lecture at the European College of Liberal Arts Berlin December 9th 2011. (PDF, 250 KB)

Utopia, state and democracy - Presentation at Kartause Ittingen on 17 September 2011. (PDF, 253 KB)

Quality Assurance in the Work of Schools: The Swiss Case - Presented at the University of Bielefeld on October 28, 2010. (PDF, 158 KB)

Education and Morality: Some New Aspects of an Old Problem (PDF, 256 KB)

Rousseau and the Image of "Modern Education" (PDF, 362 KB)

How to Define and Justify Scientific Literacy for Everyone (PDF, 189 KB)

Break and Continuity: Observations on the Modernization Effects and Traditionalizations in International Reform Pedagogy (PDF, 511 KB)

Some Historical Notes on George Herbert Mead's Theory of Education (PDF, 409 KB)

Systems Research, Piaget, and the Development of the Swiss Curriculum (PDF, 139 KB)

Democracy and the Two Dogmas of Education (PDF, 420 KB)

Nohl, Durkheim, and Mead: Three Different Types of "History of Education" (PDF, 284 KB)

Remarks on the Conceptualization of John Dewey's Democracy and Education (PDF, 326 KB)

The Strange Case of German "Geisteswissenschaftliche Pädagogik" (PDF, 395 KB)

How did the "active child" come into educational theory? (PDF, 3 MB)

Infant Education and Circumstances of Upbringing in Switzerland (PDF, 229 KB)

Relevance, Role and Function of Philosophy-of-Education within Present Day Educational Science (PDF, 380 KB)

Work and learning: A look back and an outlook on a classical theme of education (PDF, 385 KB)

In honor of Deborah Meier - Laudatory speech on the occasion of the awarding of the PHZH (Zurich University of Teacher Education) Educational Prize to Deborah Meier on October 26, 2007. (PDF, 166 KB)

"Modernity" in Education around 1900 - Opening lecture Conference "Pragmatism in the Reticle of Modernization - Contexts, Concepts, Critiques" Centro Stefano Franscini Ascona, 7 September 2008. (PDF, 413 KB)

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