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Institute of Education

Construction of a video database with instructional sequences about dealing with heterogeneity in the classroom

Joint project with the Leuphana University, Lüneburg

The aim of this project is to build a video-database with authentic teaching sequences from different types of schools, subjects and classes.  This data should support research and teaching by enabling the systematic extension of the didactic and methodical repertoire of future teachers, supporting the planning of lessons, the linking of theory and practice and the expansion of competencies in analysing teaching and learning processes. Multi-perspective video sequences, which, in addition to capturing the central interactions in the classroom, also enable individual learning strategies to brought to the fore and surveyed.
A frequent criticism of university teacher training is that it makes too limited reference to concrete school and teaching practice, which is generally only visible to student teachers during school placements. According to the principle of "educating the reflective practitioner" (see Schön 1983), viewing filmed teaching while studying to become a teacher is a highly efficient method for broadening students’  disciplinary and methodological repertoire, developing their ability to analyse teaching (Jenko et al., 2001), and to use methods for the development of a systematic knowledge of reflection (see, for example, Borko et al., 2008, Fischer et Schratz, 2005). The embedding of authentic instructional videos into university teacher training thus offers a very efficient method for linking theoretical and directly practice-oriented content, and contributes to the establishment of a constructive, research-led culture of joint reflection and sustainable further development of teaching and learning processes (cf. Krammer et al 2008). Finally, special opportunities arise for the use of the videos in addition to their application in seminars and lectures. The video database can also be used for research, especially for student research-oriented (final or project) work.