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Evaluation "Thüringer Beratungsdienst für Eltern, Kinder und Jugendliche - Ausstieg aus Rechtsextremismus und Gewalt"

Runtime: December 2009 to June 2012

There are just a few studies and analyses concerning the exit-processes from the right-wing extremist scene so far and the availability of information from programs and projects that should support these exit-processes is very limited as well. The findings at hand indicate the approach, not only to work with the subjects that are willing to exit within the framework of supporting programmes, but also to include their social environment, to be useful. Specific programmes, focusing as well on the support of family members, have been realized so far only sporadically and the corresponding findings need academic reprocessing.
     The evaluation of the “Thuringian Counselling Service for Parents, Children, and Adolescents” responds to these needs and should help to answer various questions that are of special importance to the counselling service and its further development. In this respect, it is to be examined what experiences right-wing extremist members gain concerning childhood, school, and apprenticeship and how they correlate with their ways to orientate themselves and their behaviour. The question is what support they receive in everyday and particularly difficult situations by their families, their circle of friends and acquaintances, and professionals. Further, it is interesting to gain information on how the programme of the Thuringian counselling team is experienced, to what extent it differs from the experiences made by the adolescents so far, and in what way it offers resources for the support of a productive development. The professionals’ perspective, however, should also be analysed: How do the employees of the counselling service evaluate the programmes, the help processes, and their results. In this way, insights into the adolescents’ development, the possibilities to involve relatives, and the exit-support out of right-wing extremism and violence should be gained and analysed.


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