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Scientific Monitoring PFADE (predecessor project of DENK-WEGE)

PFADE is a program for the promotion of social competences and for preventing violence in childhood, which has been developed and evaluated according to scientific findings. As an evidence-based program, PFADE strives after taking the decisive factors into account in regard to the preconditions, requirements, courses, and results when implementing the program.
     However, there is still too little knowledge available so far regarding the quality and the consequences of the work done in this project as well as the demand of the different school actors. Against this background, it is the goal of this scientific monitoring to examine relevant aspects of the work done in the PFADE project in more detail:

  • Preconditions and requirements of implementing the program
  • Courses of project work and their estimation by different persons involved
  • Processes and developments that are initiated and promoted by the program

     o    In the school house and in class

     o    In the social relationships of the children with teachers, peers, and in their families

     o    In the self-perception and public image of the children

The scientific monitoring includes continuing feedback and consulting discussions that are complemented with targeted analyses regarding specific aspects of the work done in the project. The goal of this scientific monitoring is the promotion of the reflection and the provision of information concerning the project to facilitate the further development and optimization of the conceptual dispositions of the PFADE project, its implementation, and its leadership.
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