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Institute of Education

Fränzi Buser

Fränzi Buser, MA

  • Assistentin / Teaching and Research Assistant
+41 44 634 27 79
Freiestrasse 36, 8032 Zürich
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Research Focus and Interests

Childhood studies, migration and flight, intersectionality, education and social inequality.

Academic Biography and Scientific Activities

2018–            Teaching and research assistant at the department Extracurricular Education at the University of Zurich’s Institute of Education
2017–2018        Research assistant in the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) project “Kinder die auffallen. Eine Ethnographie von Anerkennungsverhältnissen im Kindergarten” (“Conspicuous Children. An Ethnography of Processes of Recognition in the Kindergarten Kindergarten”) at the research center “Children – Childhood – Schooling” at the Zurich University of Teacher Education
2017            MA-degree in Education from the University of Fribourg with the options Early Childhood Education and Childhood Studies as well as Globalization and Education
2016–2017        Research assistant in the research unit “Soziale Ungleichheit, Vielfalt und schulische Institutionen” (“Social Inequality, Diversity, and School Institutions”) at the Pädagogische Hochschule (“University of Teacher Education”) Fribourg
2015–2016        Tutor at the Department of Education
2014–2018        Caregiver at a day school
2014            BSc- and MSc-degree in Education and Psychology from the University of Fribourg