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Institute of Education

Continuing Education

For Upper Secondary School Teachers

Our wide range of continuing education options directly support you in your teaching work, serve as general personal continuing education and impart diverse input and impetus for school development and staff development.     

Continuing Education: LLBM

For Teachers at All School Levels and Teachers in Practical Training

In this Certificate of Advanced Studies Course you will receive a practical introduction to various approaches for mentoring and coaching in practical teacher training, for teachers starting a teaching career and in continuing education and will engage in theoretically sound discussion of the associated questions and issues.  

CAS Mentoring and Coaching in Teacher Education (Prof. Dr. Fritz Staub)

For Professional University Science Instructors


This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) takes you on a journey of excellence in teaching the natural sciences! You will learn how you can enhance your teaching skills and lead your students to greater success.

Teaching Science at University (Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert)

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