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Wie angehende Lehrpersonen das Unterrichten im Gymnasium erfahren / How becoming teachers experience teaching in upper secondary schools

Teacher students on their way to become a teacher at upper secondary schools (Gymnasium) encounter a school culture which does not fit any more with their images built up during their own schooling. On the basis of 220 written self reflections and using a phenomenological approach, we investigate what it means for students to learn how to teach in an upper secondary school: how they experience their new role as a teacher, which difficulties they have to deal with, to what extent the pedagogical-reconstructive work of their disciplinary knowledge is important and how they learn to integrate theoretical educational concepts into their practical experience. The acquired ability to reflect and critique teaching-learning settings emerges as one of the most important element in the subjective awareness of the students.


Kyburz-Graber, Regula; Odermatt, Freia; Canella, Claudia (2014). «Meine Vorstellung von gutem Unterricht war eine 45-Minuten-Show des Lehrers» – Wie angehende Lehrpersonen das Unterrichten im Gymnasium erfahren. Beiträge zur Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung, 32(1):101-119.