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Evaluation «Forschung erleben – Kooperationen zwischen Schüler/innen und Forschenden in der S5-Stadt» / Evaluation «Experience Research – Cooperation between Students and Researchers in the S5 City»

«State of Affairs – Living in the S5 City» is a trans-disciplinary project, which aims to investigate socio-economic and residential spaces along Zurich’s commuter railway line S5. The main research goal is to portray an urban space, which can illustrate contemporary processes of change in suburbia.
Within this research project, upper secondary schools in the S5 City were approached by the researchers and invited to take part in research on quality of life and sustainability in their region. As a consequence, 8 students from 3 grammar schools chose a subject in connection to the S5 City for their final paper (“Maturaarbeit”). Furthermore, 3 design classes at another grammar school addressed suburban architecture in the S5 City. All these student projects were exhibited at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ and a large shopping mall in the S5 City (“Volkiland”).
The chair of Prof. Dr. R. Kyburz-Graber evaluated the way research and educational partners cooperated and the experiences they made. The results from interviews with students, teachers, and researchers involved and documentary research are summarized in a final report addressed to the chair leading the sub project “Experience Research” (July 2010).


Gerloff-Gasser, Christine (2010): Abschliessende Beurteilung des Projektes Forschung erleben: Ein Kooperationsprojekt von Schüler/innen und Forschenden zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung des Agglomerationsraums Zürich. Zu Handen der Professur Andrea Deplazes, ETH Zürich.