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Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft

Internationale Projekte (OECD, EU) 1986-2002 / OECD Projekt «Environment and School Initiatives» ENSI, Projektleitung für die Schweiz

The OECD-ENSI project (“Environment and School Initiatives”) since 1986 has brought together researchers, teacher educators, teachers and schools to share research outcomes and experiences with school initiatives in environmental education based on action research approaches for school development. Prof. R. Kyburz-Graber is a partner of the teacher education project. The teacher education project supports the integration of innovative approaches into teacher education programs through environmental education. Its main goals are: promoting action research as a tool for reflective teaching and learning in teacher education, disseminating innovative teacher education practices, developing and disseminating teaching and learning strategies to support school development. The main outcome will be an improved quality of teaching and learning in school and teacher training as well as the dissemination of environmental education in the involved school systems. A publication with case studies and tools for action research is planned.


Kyburz-Graber, Regula; Posch, Peter & Peter, Ursula, Eds. 2003. Challenges in Teacher Education - Interdisciplinarity and Environmental Education. Innsbruck/ Wien: Studienverlag.