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Selbstlernsemester an der Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland: Pädagogisch-didaktische Begleitung Mandat der Bildungsdirektion Zürich / Didactical and pedagogical steering of the self-directed learning semester at the Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland (KZO)

2004, the Advisory Council for Education of the canton Zurich approved that the pilot project “self-directed learning semester” or “Selbstlernsemester (SLS)” could be realised in three Year 5 classes at the secondary school KZO during the winter semester 2004/05. The SLS focused at the following subjects: German, Mathematics, French, English, Sports and one of the emphasized subjects. For the realisation of this project, the teachers at the KZO provided to some extent the topics, the content to be learnt, the proceedings as well as checkpoints like meetings and exams. Other areas included self-evaluation, the reflection of learning processes and the way how marks should be given. According to our understanding these areas needed more development and experience. Teachers as well as students were in favour of the self-directed learning semester which initiated processes of classroom developments including basic issues such as learning competence, students’ self-determination, and the didactical and pedagogical attendance of teachers. Autonomous, short-termed forms of learning at the KZO had already been part of the schools’ culture. However, content and duration of this autonomous learning semester had to be newly defined. Hence we recommend that the autonomous learning semester should be introduced as a regular part of schools’ culture because the developments of learning competencies can very much profit from autonomous learning, which indeed demands quite a long autonomous learning time.


Kyburz-Graber, Regula & Pangrazzi, Rosanna (2005) Pädagogisch-didaktische Begleitung im Selbstlernsemester der Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland. Höheres Lehramt Mittelschulen, Universität Zürich.