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Institute of Education

What do we want to investigate?

Developing teaching so that pupils learn more is a highly demanding task. Working as a teaching team is becoming increasingly important.

External concerns are highlighted to the teaching team. These can be, for example, the introduction of competency-based assessment or a new teaching material in the subject area of German. However, challenging situations can also arise within the teaching team. Examples are personnel changes or different ideas of cooperation within the team regarding the introduction of new forms of learning.

In the R2 study, we explore the overarching question of how teaching teams address challenges in developing teaching.

The following four specific questions are central to the study:

  • What teaching development routines do teachers and teaching teams have?
  • What strategies do teachers and teaching teams use to change their routines when they no longer fit?
  • To what extent can these strategies for changing routines that no longer work be promoted by further training and coaching?
  • Does this improve teaching quality?