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R2 – Regulation of teaching development routines

What does R2 stand for?

R2 (pronounced R-squared) stands for the regulation of teaching development routines.

How do we define teaching development?

We understand teaching development as all approaches by teachers and teaching teams to improve the quality of their teaching and thus support their students. These approaches can be both individual and collective. This includes, for example, thinking together about teaching methods or how classroom disruptions can best be addressed. Continuous reflection and adaptation of one's teaching is crucial, as concrete demands on teaching can change so that certain ingrained practices in daily pedagogical life are no longer effective and must be changed.

What are teaching development routines?

We define teaching development routines as recurring action patterns according to which teachers and teaching teams develop their lessons. These routines can help address known challenges to adapt one's teaching development practice to the given circumstances efficiently and simply. However, existing teaching development routines may be dysfunctional and therefore not (or no longer) useful for further teaching development. Moreover, various current events (e.g., COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine) have shown that teachers must also react quickly to completely new challenges for which no routines have been implemented. Teachers must therefore identify and adapt or rebuild inappropriate and missing teaching development routines.

What does regulation of teaching development routines mean?

We define regulating teaching development routines as using targeted strategies to change teaching development routines.