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Possible topics for written works

In the following, an overview of possible topics for written works at the chair is given:

Further topics are possible by arrangement. The listed questions are for inspiration purposes only. During the elaboration of the work, the chosen topic should be narrowed down further and the question should be concretized.

Qualification and Bachelor's Theses

If you would like to write your qualification or bachelor's thesis about one of the narrowed fields described below or another topic, please get in touch with:


Example questions

Relatedness satisfaction in online teaching

How can relatedness satisfaction be promoted in online classes? Who benefits most from promoting relatedness satisfaction?


Which factors influence how students use the teacher's opportunities for learning? How can these learning processes be operationalized and measured?

Cognitive activation in the classroom

How can students be cognitively activated, and how can cognitive activation be assessed?

(Modern) forms of teaching

What (modern) forms of teaching are there, and what is known about their effectiveness? To what extent do direct instruction and frontal teaching differ? What teaching settings for open learning exist, and how effective are they?

Teaching quality

What is meant by "good teaching"? What is the relevance of teaching quality for learning and the performance of students? What does teaching quality look like in an international comparison? What characterizes successful classroom management? How can children be constructively supported in class?

Teacher professionalism

Which teacher competencies does this term include? How relevant is teacher professionalism for empirical research on teaching and learning? What is the relationship between teacher professionalism and teaching quality?

Teacher motivation

What is the relationship between motivational orientation and teaching quality? What role do motivational orientations play in the learning behavior and success of students? Which characteristics of teacher motivation are relevant to the quality of teaching in different countries?

Adaptivity in teaching

How can learning processes be adaptively designed and supported? What are the effects of adaptive teaching competence on teaching and student performance?

Learning motivation

Why do humans learn? How can pupils be motivated to learn? How can lessons be designed to support motivation?

Video-based teaching research

How can videography be used in empirical research on teaching? Which aspects of observable behavior can be coded? How detailed should a coding manual be? How can the quality of video-based observations of teaching be assured? How can observers of teaching quality be optimally trained?

Basic needs support in the online teaching environment

How can basic needs be optimally supported by teachers? A comparison of perspectives between students and lecturers.

Student feedback

How do teachers deal with feedback on their teaching? How must feedback be designed for teachers to use it effectively for their teaching development?

Observation-based classroom assessment

What instruments are available for observation-based assessment of teaching quality? How do teaching assessment instruments used in practice differ from those used in teaching research? How structured is the observation-based assessment of teaching in practice, and to what extent is it useful?

Students’ perspective on teaching (quality)

How do students perceive teaching? What difficulties and opportunities are there when students assess teaching quality? What instruments are available? At what age can the existing instruments be implemented? What would have to be changed so that other age groups could be surveyed?

Collaboration between research and practice

What can a successful collaboration between researchers and practitioners look like in order to generate knowledge that is relevant for teaching practice? Which successful projects exist? What are the conditions for success and possible pitfalls for teacher-researcher collaborations?

From teaching assessment to teaching development

What characterizes teaching development? What are the conditions for success? How can feedback on teaching be used for teaching development?

Creativity in the school context

Why is it necessary to promote creativity in the school context? How can creativity be promoted at school and in the classroom? How does creativity develop during the school years?

Student motivation and individual differences

How do individual differences, such as goal orientations, motives, or self-control ability, influence students' motivation and well-being in the classroom?

Master's theses

If you would like to write your master's thesis on one of the projects or narrowed fields described below or on other topics, please get in touch with:

Research project Example questions

Determinants and consequences of relatedness satisfaction in online teaching

How can teacher behavior promote relatedness satisfaction in online teaching? What technical tools are available, and how successful are they (e.g., video chat)? Who benefits from promoting relatedness satisfaction? What role do implicit motives of students play?