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Institute of Education

Cooperations on the Institutional Level

Institutional Cooperations

The Institute of Education (IfE) as a whole cooperates with the following partner institutions.

Institute of Educational Evaluation (Institut für Bildungsevaluation (IBE))
Institute of External School Evaluation (Institut für externe Schulevaluation (IFES)
Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child (Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind (MMI))
UZH Continuing Education (patronage for the extra occupational training program CAS “Upper Secondary Didactics” (CAS in Higher Education)

Cooperations in the Area of Teaching and Learning

The Institute of Education (IfE) promotes also various cooperations in other areas of study, such as “Educational Science” and “Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education.”


Department of Psychology (UZH) Cooperations in the (BA and MA) study programs “Educational Science and Psychology” as well as within the the teaching subject “Educational Science/Psychology” 

Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH) 

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ)

Department of German and Scandinavian Studies (UZH)

Cooperation in the joint Master’s degree programs “Teaching Methodology for Natural Sciences” and “Teaching Methodology for German as a School Language”

Grison University of Teacher Education (PHGR)
Schwyz University of Teacher Education (PHSZ)
St. Gallen University of Teacher Education (PHSG)
Zug University of Teacher Education (PHZG)
Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH)

Cooperation in the joint PhD program “Kooperatives Doktoratsprogramm Fachdidaktik”
Various foreign partner universities

Cooperations with the subject-specific SEMP agreements


Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education:

Department of Upper Secondary Education and Vocational Training of the Canton Zurich (Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt des Kantons Zürich (MBA)) Cooperation in the training of Baccalaureate school teachers 
Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH) Cooperation in the training of vocational training teachers 
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) Cooperation in the fields “Subject-Specific Teaching of Chemistry,” “Subject-Specific Teaching of Physics,” “Subject-Specific Teaching of Geography,” and additional qualification in vocational education
Various intra- and extra-cantonal upper secondary schools  Cooperations in the training of future upper secondary teachers (i.e. practical trainings, vocational exams, subject specific teaching)