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What are our methods?

Method and duration

We gathered data of the school improvement capacity of primary schools and the learning development of pupils of the 5th grade using innovative research methods:


Method   Duration
1 online questionnaire for teachers and specialists and social network analysis   approx. 40 minutes
3 online surveys of vocational activities of teachers and specialists over the course of 1 week, with a logbook accessible from a smart phone   5–10 minutes per day
3 questionnaires for pupils   1 session each
2 Mathematics performance tests for pupils   1 session each

Qualitative case studies in 9 primary schools. Per school:

  • 2 group discussions with teachers and specialists per school
  • 1 interview with school principal
  1 hour per interview


All surveys were coordinated with the schools individually. All interviews and surveys with pupils were facilitated by the project team. Interviews were anonymised in such a way that neither the pupil nor the school are identifiable.

Quotes by teachers

Zitat 4
Zitat 3
Zitat 1  

These quotes are taken from participants in schools that collaborated in the 2017 SIC pilot project.

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Please contact us:

Prof. Dr. Katharina Maag Merki

Project manager
Telephone 044 634 27 80


Dr. phil. Andrea Wullschleger

Co-project manager