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Institute of Education

Tessa Consoli

Tessa Consoli, MA

  • Projektmitarbeiterin / Project Assistant
+41 44 634 66 20
Kantonsschulstrasse 3, 8001 Zürich
Room number
Working hours
Montag bis Donnerstag
  • Since 2020: Project collaborator in the SNF project "DigiTraSII" at the Chair of Teaching and Educational Technology, University of Zurich
  • 2020: Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education, University of Zurich
  • 2017-2020: Italian teacher
  • 2019: M.A. Cultural Analysis, Italian Language and Literature, University of Zurich
  • 2015-2017: Student assistant at the ETH-Bibliothek, ETH-Zurich
  • 2014: B.A. Philosophy, Italian Language and Literature, University of Zurich

Research Topics

  • Technology Integration in Upper Secondary Schools
  • Teaching Quality with Digital Technologies
  • Digital Citizenship Education
  • Digital- & 21st Century Skills


  • Consoli, T., Désiron, J., & Cattaneo, A. (2023). What is “technology integration” and how is it measured in K-12 education? A systematic review of survey instruments from 2010 to 2021. Computers & Education, 104742.
  • Antonietti, C., Schmitz, M. L., Consoli, T., Cattaneo, A., Gonon, P., & Petko, D. (2023). Development and validation of the ICAP Technology Scale to measure how teachers integrate technology into learning activities. Computers & Education, 192, 104648.
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  • Consoli, T. (2021). Secondo voi chi ha ucciso la signora Altieri? La (mancata) tematizzazione della violenza di genere nei manuali di italiano e alcune proposte didattiche per affrontare il tema in classe. Babylonia (Online), (3), 36-40.


  • Consoli, T., Petko, D., (2022). Online political engagement of upper secondary school students. The influence of media education and internet use at school. Digital Democracy Workshop, Digital Society Initiative and Digital Democracy Lab. University of Zurich, 27-28.10.2022, Zürich.
  • Consoli, T., Petko, D., (2022). Politisches Online-Engagement von Schülerinnen und Schüler der Sekundarstufe II: Der Einfluss von Medienbildung und Internetnutzung im Unterricht. Inklusive Medienbildung in einer mediatisierten Welt: Medienpädagogische Perspektiven auf ein interprofessionelles Forschungsfeld. Herbsttagung der Sektion Medienpädagogik (DGfE). Universiät Bielefeld, 21.09-22.09.2022, Bielefeld.
  • Consoli, T., Petko, D., Schmitz, M. L., Antonietti, C., Cattaneo, A., Gonon, P (2022). Quality and frequency of technology use as factors for students' cognitive engagement and student's self-efficacy toward learning with technologies. Symposium "Quality of digital transformation in upper-secondary schools in Switzerland: Surveying a complex multifaced process". Semeine internationale de l’éducation. Société suisse pour la recherche en éducation. Université de Lausanne, 12-13.09.2022, Lausanne.
  • Consoli, T., Désiron, J., & Cattaneo, A. (2022). Measures of technology integration in quantitative survey studies from 2010-2021: A systematic review. Unpredictable Challenges - Education in a Rapidly Changing World. JURE Conference. University of Porto, 18-22.07.2022, Porto.